Nkomazi Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Cllr Thulisile Khoza, joined her traffic department to ensure that accidents are reduced on the Nkomazi roads during this festive season. According to Khoza the volume of cars travelling on the Nkomazi sub-regional roads is too high during the Christmas festive season. “The volume of cars has increased on the roads mostly here in Nkomazi because it’s already festive season. But the fact that we have three border gates in our area makes it even worse.

Two of those border gates cross to Swaziland and one to Mozambique,” said Khoza. She also said that most of the Mozambicans load more than their cars could carry and that results with overloading that in the end you find their cars parking next to the road because a tyre of either a trailer or the car itself has burst. “Those who drink alcohol must make sure that they do not get behind a steering wheel because they will be arrested, we cannot afford to lose lives because of other people’s irresponsibility,” added khoza. She further said that the Nkomazi Local Municipality traffic officers are all over the sub-region 24/7 working tirelessly to make sure that they maintain discipline on the roads.

Road users are also not happy about those who are breaking the road laws because that is what caused unnecessary accidents. “Those who are breaking the South African road laws must be penalised because we lose our friends and relatives because of their carelessness on the road,” said a concerned resident. According to the Nkomazi Mayor’s personal assistant, Ben Monepya the operation had no special name but it was a normal traffic operation to make sure that people behave on the road. “The operation is first of many which are happening in the sub-region and as the municipality we believe that during this festive season we will not have fatalities in our area or if so the number will be lesser than the previous year,” Monepya indicated.

Monepya continued and advised road users to obey road rules, he also advised pedestrians not to cross the road without proper observation because some people drive under the influence of alcohol. “Drivers must make sure that their cars are road worthy before taking them to the road because our traffic officers are all over and they must not exceed the speed limits which are on the road signs,” he said.


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